Custom Branded Phone Straps

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Keep your brand on people’s minds with your colors on everyone’s phone. Branded phone straps are a cost-effective strategy for increasing your brand awareness; useful, eco-friendly, and ubiquitous! Order now and we will send you custom mockups before shipping them for free (4 week lead time).

  • Awesome Exposure
  • Useful Goodies
  • Mailable Gifts
  • One-Size Fits-All
  • Free Mockups Designs
  • Free Shipping

  • Secure, relaxed, one-handed phone grip
  • Helps avoid accidental drops
  • Allows edge-to-edge thumb travel
  • Compatible with any phone case
  • Compatible with wireless chargers
  • Compatible with magnetic accessories
  • Compatible with Apple MagSafe®
  • Non-elastic 0.8 mm thick soft fabric ††
  • Strong 3M adhesive leaves no residue
  • Easily install through case openings
  • Eco-friendly plastic-free packaging
  • Formerly known as Ninja Loop
  • Patented & Trademarked

See step by step instructions.

† Install on clean and sturdy phone cases. Pass the Loop through case openings and stick inside towards the center of the case for an optimal fit. Fits all smartphone brands: iPhone, Galaxy, OnePlus, Pixel, Huawei, small Kindle, iPad mini, etc. Avoid flimsy, dirty, or saggy cases. †† Colors may slightly differ from on-screen pictures.

Order in bulk for retail or get yours custom branded

A Peace of Mind

Healthy phone habits do wonders for your well-being. A safe and comfortable phone grip sure provides peace of mind.

A Wise Investment

A few bucks spent with us can prevent hundreds of dollars in phone repairs and priceless data loss!

I've used one literally for years; it's one of my favorite products!

Rick Broida,

Not sure how I've managed without it before but I can't see me going without it ever again.

Lara L.