Here is a quick list of most popular ways to Loop. With time, you'll find plenty of practical ways to Loop around the place.

#Social #News #Book

Quickly catch a glimpse of updates to your news feeds or finish that ebook, thanks to our ergonomic design that allows scrolling with your thumb through a safe and relaxed grip.

#Photography #Love #Memories

Loop ensures a steady and unshakable grip for the best photo and video shots. Easily hold your phone for longer periods without strain. No selfie-stick needed!

#WorkAtHome #MakeItRain

The Loop reduces strain on the hand, making it easy and comfortable to work from your mobile at home or on the go.

#Transit #SafetyFirst

Your phone is safe from theft in crowded commutes while looped around your wrist or your fingers. Discourage snatchers.

#GoodParenting #Kids

Do you need to keep your child distracted for a moment? Hook them up to the Loop without worry of damages to your portable entertainment system.

#Travel #BucketList #Yolo

The Loop is your useful and fashionable companion that helps to protect the most important tool in all your adventures.

#NoPainNoGain #Workout

The Loop beats pockets any day of the week. It’s the quickest and lightest solution to hold your device securely while you’re out for a jog!

#Gaming #PokemonGo

Fully immerse yourself in mobile games without the fear of real-life hazards that could cause you to drop your device.

#Movie #Binge #Relax

Lie down, look at Netflix or YouTube and hold the phone over your face, effortlessly. No more embarrassing drops!

#PrankCall #Texting #Win

The basic functions of a smartphone are now easier and safer than ever thanks to the Loop’s one-handed grip.