About Us

Loop is developed by Genèze, designed in Québec and hand-crafted in Canada as well as overseas. We are happy to make our awesome and convenient products available to you. We are a constantly expanding business, operating from the beautiful Gatineau-Ottawa area. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.


JP Brousseau

Lead Product Designer – Background in consulting engineering with focus on R&D and manufacturing - Teacher - Dad to two kids - Loves to play outside - Loves grape juice (purple one).

Antoine Brousseau

Accountant (CPA, CA) – Entrepreneur who loves to spin and produce music - Likes to eat eggs at any time of the day - Once lived in the Land of Kangaroos.

Viviane Blanchette & Isabelle Blanchette Zencovich

Fashion Gurus – Lived in several countries, including Niger, Argentina and Colombia - Viviane is obsessed about sweet and salty popcorn, and Isabelle is a ramen lover!