Tips for People Who Always Lose Their Phones

Tips for People Who Always Lose Their Phones

Technology plays an inescapable role in our modern day-to-day lives. Pretty much everyone owns a smartphone nowadays, and their popularity is on the rise: smartphone use has soared during the COVID-19 pandemic, with a 39% increase in daily time spent on phones. 

Think about suddenly not having access to your mobile. Would that make you feel anxious or even panic? You are not alone! Nomophobia (no more phone phobia) is an actual thing. A 2012 study shows that no less than two-thirds of people show signs of this modern-day fear. Almost a decade later, we could safely bet that this number is now much higher! 

You may have experienced losing your phone in the past. This irritating occurrence is not uncommon. A study revealed that 70 million smartphones are lost each year, and a mere 7% are recovered. Are you the type of person who easily misplaces their device? Worry no more! We have summed up the best tips for people who always lose their phone in the following article. Hint: owning a phone strap is a good fix!

How To Stop Losing Your Phone 

Take the following advice into account to prevent losing your phone!

Don’t Put it in Your Back Pocket

At some point, we all put our devices in our back pockets. Yes, it's practical but the truth is it is better not to: 

  • It makes stealing much easier (think of the classic pickpocket scenario).
  • It increases the risk of damage, from pressure or tragic accidental drops
  • It’s a no-go when sitting, as it is bad for your posture and may cause back pain.

Have a Specific Space for It

We have all been there: you can’t find your phone, but you know it is lying somewhere in the house! Looking around in every corner is an annoyance. To avoid this waste of time, set up distinct places for your phone. It may be a cute bowl in the entrance, a phone stand, or the corner of a desk, for example. Having multiple chargers set up around the house may help too.

phone loops stand


Set up your smartphone on an app like Find my iPhone on iOS or Where’s my Droid on Android.  These apps track your phone’s location so that you always know where it is, and taking the time to sync your phone could save you from potential headaches. Your future self may be extra thankful for taking these precautions!

Make It Stand Out

A plain phone is easy to lose sight of. Make your mobile obvious to spot with colorful accessories. Try an Orient phone strap or a Glow in the Dark silicone phone strap, stickers, a Jungle phone leash, or a bright phone case to make your device appear more unique. Don’t know which phone cover to pick? Read our tips for choosing a smartphone case.

Get a Solid Grip 

The best way to avoid accidental drops is by having a good hold on your expensive phone. Phone accessories, such as Phone Loops offer a sleek one-handed grip on your device. These thin straps handily attach to the back of your mobile and come in many designs.

Some people have had the unfortunate experience of having their phones stolen out of their hands! Crowded public spaces are prime places for this type of theft. To prevent it, having your phone somehow attached to you physically is best. Phone leashes are like stylish bracelets that have been reported as effective in preventing these kinds of attacks. 

You Can Never Be Too Careful

Before digging deeper into the necessary steps to take should you lose your phone, let’s talk a bit about prevention. There are a few things you can do to make the experience less painful.

Pat Your Pockets

Make a habit of always checking that you have your phone on you when changing locations. When leaving a restaurant, public transport, or a cab, double-check your pockets or purse. This simple precaution can save a lot of stress later on.

Have a Strong Passcode

Don’t give free access to anyone who stumbles upon your phone!

“1234” is about the weakest password one could have. To up your phone security game, try a 6-digit password or a lettered one. Even better options include fingerprints or face recognition. 

Don’t Forget to Back up Your Data

We store so much important stuff on our smartphones. Losing it can be dreadful! There are many ways to save your beloved pictures and notes. 

  • Cloud services, such as Dropbox or iCloud
  • Transferring data on your computer
  • USB keys

What To Do if You Lose Your Phone?

Call Yourself

This tip might sound obvious, but it is worth mentioning. When frantically looking for our precious phones, we are rarely thinking straight! Stress can make one forget about simple solutions. Dial your number, and you may find your phone under a cushion or talk with someone who has found it.

Lost and Found

Worried you might have forgotten your phone on the subway or at school? Try your luck and have a look at the lost and found counters. There are good people out there - an honest person might have found your mobile and returned it. 

Find my Phone

We mentioned phone tracking apps previously. If you took the time to install one, try to have a look at where your device is. If you can’t recover it, erase your data from the phone. You don’t want to give away all your personal information to thieves!

Inform Your Carrier

Let your phone company know that you lost your phone. This way, they will lock your SIM card. A hefty bill from long-distance calls or data overuse would be the cherry on top of an already frustrating experience!


We use our phones on such a regular basis that they’re like an extension of ourselves. We store essential data in them, now more than ever. Being unable to find your phone causes a lot of stress but many precautionary measures can be taken.

Making your device stand out with vibrant accessories makes it much harder to lose—jazz up your mobile with a fun cases, stickers, or original loops. Phone straps also ensure a secure grip on your phone to prevent dropping it or getting it stolen. And make sure you make the most out of data backup and geolocation services. Hopefully, with our advice, you won’t lose your phone ever again!