A Promotional Product People Actually Use

A Promotional Product People Actually Use

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Custom Loop Phone Strap

Every year, companies, sports teams and other organizations order a wide range of promotional products like customized t-shirts, baseball caps and pens.

If you can name it, you can probably put your label on it. Branded giveaways aim to help businesses stand out and showcase their presence or existence.

For all its endless orders, the swag market struggles with one big question: what makes a great giveaway?

The answer is twofold. An excellent promotional product has to be creative to stand out — but not awkward — and it has to be practical for the wearer, to justify continued use over an extended period.

The ultimate goal of a promotional product is to be a relatively permanent fixture in people’s lives that will remind them — and those surrounding — of your existence. The frequency of exposure and user proximity define its effectiveness. 


Two popular promotional items: drinkware and USB drives.

The proverbial branded mug has been around pretty much forever. While it is practical, it is not particularly creative. It serves a purely functional role, much like a pen. More often than not, it is hidden away at home or the office, in a cupboard or dishwasher. When it is interacted with, it is usually for a short duration. Customized mugs do not typically generate much attention or curiosity when it comes to brand awareness.

A few years back, promotional products distributors upped the ante by giving away branded USB sticks. It was a welcome gift in an age of increasing digital file sizes. The product appealed to younger and tech audiences — and for a while that satisfied the practicality and creativity criteria. However, USB drives, like coffee mugs, suffer from a problem of visibility limitation: they tend to be hidden in desks and pockets. Nowadays, in the age of cloud drives, USB sticks are not as popular as before.


Branded USB Key

Custom Loop Phone Strap


An original, useful and effective giveaway

Phone accessories are the Holy Grail when it comes to swag: any product that improves the experience of mobile users has a good chance of being a hit, considering that almost everybody has one.

The ideal accessory should be compatible with all devices and cases, given the wide variety of choices available on the market.

Research shows that people interact with their phones over 100 times per day. That makes over 3,000 impressions opportunities per month, per given user. It is the only device that follows us everywhere - whether we are calling, texting, taking pictures, working, paying for goods, playing games on the go or training at the gym.

Considering that every year, millions of people accidentally drop and damage their devices, giving away a phone strap or leash that will help them secure a one-handed grip on their mobile represents a win-win for you and your target audience.

We can confidently say that Phone Loops are an innovative advertising solution for an affordable price that allows users for better and safer use of their smartphone. 

Device-related injuries on the rise, having a smooth and comfortable grip on your phone is a serious health issue.

With nearly 2 million Loops sold in 66 countries, it is no wonder that the Cirque du Soleil, Club Med, Desjardins, CBC, CBS, CNET, Videotron, Airbnb, the Ottawa Senators Foundation and Canada’s G7 summit all decided to order their own Custom Loops.

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Custom Loop Phone Straps