Tech Gadgets Gift Guide


There is nothing better than finding the gift and if you're still looking for the perfect present to give this year, look no further than tech gadgets!

In our very first Holiday Tech Gadgets Gift Guide we present you with a carefully curated list of innovative and creative tech goodies to help you save (precious) time this Holiday season. Whether you’re looking for affordable last minute stocking stuffer or more elaborate everyday tech items, there is sure to be an item on our list that will spark joy.

Silicone Phone Straps

This phone grip accessory will  surprisingly please smartphone users. Phone Loops Silicone Phone Straps offers a comfortable and secure way to prevent tragic (and costly) phone drops. Intuitive, ergonomic, easy to clean and just under the 10 USD$ (12$CAD) mark, these phone straps certainly make it easy to fill those stockings! They will not understand how they used to hold their device without one — true story.

Phone Grip Straps

High-quality phone case

Gifting a case for the Samsung Galaxy S24 is a thoughtful and practical gesture for anyone who owns this sleek smartphone. A case not only adds a layer of protection to the device but also allows the recipient to personalize and enhance their smartphone experience. With a wide range of styles, colors, and materials available, you can choose a case that matches the recipient's personality and preferences. Whether they prefer a slim and minimalist design or a rugged, heavy-duty case, there are options to suit every style. By gifting a case for the Samsung Galaxy S24, you're not only giving a useful accessory but also showing that you care about the recipient's device and well-being.

Hiluckey Outdoor Solar Charger

The gift that keep on giving: solar energy. Hiluckey's Outdoor Portable Power Bank will please the oudoor enthusiast on your list. With 4 sturdy solar panels for faster charging, dual USB 2 outputs compatible with smartphones, tablets — it's never been easier to stay connected! This water, shock and dust resistant portable power source will keep their favorite gadgets charged up no matter where they are!

solar phone charger

INIU B5 Power Bank

An excellent tech gift for anyone who can use some backup power on their gadgets. The INIU B5 20 000 mAh/22.5W battery pack with sporting fast USB-C port can simultaneously charge up 3 devices such as, smartphones, tablets or Go Pro, with power to spare!

Magnetic Car Mount

This car mount is an ideal gift for any smartphone user. This sleek and minimalistic mount offers 360 viewing angle and its high-grade N50 Magnets makes it easy to stay connected without compromising safety or comfort while navigating. Phone Loops Magnetic Car Mount is compatible with Magsafe iPhones and Phone Loops friendly.

magnetic car mount

Moment Tripod (Magsafe) Mount

Moment's Tripod Mount is an innovative way to fix a Magsafe iPhone to a tripod. This magnetized mount allows both landscape or portrait shots for an enhanced shooting experience. Lightweight and pocket-friendly, this phone accessory is an excellent choice for those who like to take videos on their iPhone — compatible with any iPhone 12, 13 and 14 models.

Mondular Phone Sling

Instead of constantly having to handle your phone why not wear it? Phone Loops Modular Phone Slings are great for keeping your smartphone at hands reach. These come in handy when shopping, traveling, hiking, commuting — basically everyday mobile usage. They can be worn around the neck, crossbody, shoulder strap or even as a fanny pack! They are perfectly design to clip on Phone Loops Silicone Phone Straps


UE Wonderboom 3

This UE Wonderboom 3 speaker is the perfect techy gift for anyone who loves to take their music with them wherever they go! The small yet powerful portable Bluetooth device can be paired together to create the perfect outdoor sound experience. This speaker will definitely light up many upcoming parties.

Tamagoshi Electronic Game

Incoming Nostalgia...Remember our favorite little digital pet from the late 90s? Well, the old-school Tamagotchis' are back and sure to be a hit this Christmas. This humble keychain video game still has its' original programming and is perfectly sized to fill those stockings!


Polaroid Hi Print

With its sturdy design and high print quality, the Polaroid Hi-Print is the most fun portable printer you can find. The very user friendly app gives users access to a wider variety in photo editing customization than other models. This portable printer makes a great gift for anyone who want to share high quality prints on the go.

Bellroy's Tech Kit Organizer

Bellroy's Tech Kit organizer is a thoughtful gift for those who need space to store and organize their everyday tech accessories. Whether it's for an upcoming trip abroad, outdoor adventure or everyday living, the simple but effective stylish pouch is the ideal carry-on tech organizer. 

Amazon Echo Dot 5th Gen

Smart speakers are becoming more and more popular these past years. The Amazon Echo Dot 5th Gen is a great gift idea for anyone who wants to start using smart home technology without breaking the bank. The sphere shaped smart device provides an easy way of incorporating Alexa into your daily life and is loud enough to soundly fit any small living, making it perfect for entertainment or casual listening! 

AirPods Pro - 2nd Generation

Apple is known for their high quality products, and the AirPods Pro 2nd Gen are no exception. These new headphones come packed with upgrades that will please any music lover! With improved sound quality, noise cancellation, as well as longer battery life and water resistance the new generation of Airpods Pro will not disappoint. You can get them personalized for free with engraved names, emojis, or initials if you order them on Apple's website!

airpods pro 2nd gen

Ray-Ban Stories

The Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses would make a splurge worthy gift for any traveller, outdoors adventurer or content creator. The style staple brand released a pair of smart glasses in 2021 equipped with HD camera, microphones, speakers and connects to you phone. They allow you to take videos, pictures, listen to music, podcasts and even answer calls. You simply cannot go wrong gifting these.  


Stay tuned for more tech ideas in our upcoming Newsletter! Merry Xmas shopping to all!