How Many Times per Day?

How Many Times per Day?

Before reading, pick a guest: On a daily basis, how often do you reach for your phone? Pick a number...

If you are reading this article, there is a now a 1-in-4 chance that you are smartphone owner, as I am. In 2016, the global number of smartphone users is set to reach an astonishing 2.08 billion figure. While I enjoy going off-grid from time to time, I can’t imagine a day without having my mobile handy – and I dare to say my 2 billion-or-so fellow users probably can’t either. My phone allows me to do so much, from arranging to pick up the kids to managing my startups, all from the same device. Since the middle of the last decade, these technological wonders have proliferated and have become an extension of ourselves.

They contain information dear to us: messages we share with our friends, precious vacation photos and now, even credit cards. While the cost of smartphones continues to come down – an average mobile now costs approximately $260 – they still represent a significant investment that needs to be protected. Passwords and fingerprints may secure information digitally, but protective cases only go so far in preventing theft or physical damages from the heart-wrenching drops of butter fingers. Trust me when I say I know this from experience.

A recent Nottingham Trent University study found that its participants aged 18 to 33 look at their mobile phone about 85 times a day. With increased use comes increased risk of drops on pavements, pools and other unforgiving surfaces which can severely damage smartphones and cost hefty amounts to their owners. It is no surprise to see that US consumers spent $23.5 billion in iPhone screen repairs by late 2014. With the average cost of an Apple device cracked screen repair sitting at around $200, I can only imagine what the figure is now, globally and across all brands.

Since we launched our Loop mobile strap product line, we have proudly helped thousands of satisfied customers worldwide to secure their grip on their smartphones with the Petite Loop and the Ninja Loop. I’m always amazed to see the ways our clients come to use their Loop, whether it’s a college student playing Pokémon Go, a businesswoman texting while walking to work or a father holding on to his baby and his phone at the same time.

When I created the Loop, my original aim was simply to have an easy and elegant way to hold on to my smartphone. Over time however, the feedback I received from customers praised the unforeseen multitasking aspect of the product – it allowed them to walk and look at a maps, to cook and text, to carry groceries and answer an important call, all at the same time, without any fear of drops.

Rick Broida from CNET said “I gave one to my mom, and she totally digs it. Sometimes the simplest accessories are the best”. He also stated that the Ninja Loop was possibly the “the best 6 bucks you can spend on your smartphone” (now 5 bucks). Since it helps prevent those deadly drops, I tend to agree!

If you don’t have your own Loop already, don’t become part of the bad statistics and get in the Loop today. You can pick from a wide variety of styles and colors that suit your personality and tastes. Invite your friends and family to join you!