How to Choose a Smartphone Case in 2021

How to Choose a Smartphone Case in 2021

A Bit About Phone Cases

Gone is the era of the “indestructible” Nokia mobile phone. Today’s smartphones are much more practical, slim, and, well, prone to break. The major downside of their large glass screens is their fragility. Scratches and cracks can happen in the blink of an eye. In fact, in the US alone, two phone screens break every second. This adds up to over 50 million broken screens each year!

Our precious smartphones are valuable and damaging them can be an extremely frustrating experience. As a result, the prevalence of phone cases has soared in the past decade. People shell out a great deal of money for the protection of their phones and don’t want to pay for expensive repairs, let alone a new mobile.

A phone cover not only protect against shocks and drops; it also makes your phone instantly recognizable amongst others. They are also a way to showcase your style with a wide range of case artwork. With such an abundance of designs on the market, you can find one (or more!) that showcases your personality. 

This article is all about how to choose a smartphone case in 2021. Read on to make a smart choice in your next purchase for your phone’s protection.

Why You Need a Smartphone Case

Style and identity

phone loops identity pride lgbt rainbow

Almost everyone has a smartphone. Make yours stand out with a stylish phone case! Whether you are more of a funky or minimalistic person, there is a case out there for you. You can also decorate your case with some fun accessories, such as Phone Loops.

Protecting your device 

Smartphones are like the extension of one’s self! We use them over 100 times per day on average. However, they come with an ever-increasing price tag. To avoid annoying and unexpected phone repairs expenses, a cover for your costly device is a smart investment. It is also worthy of noting that repairing a phone also revokes its warranty, if it is carried out by anyone else than its maker.

Keeping your device in good shape comes with another benefit: a better resale value. Most people change their phones every two to three years, and the market for used devices is big. A cellphone that’s in excellent condition will sell for a much higher price. 

There are various reasons why you should avoid having a cracked screen, as they: 

  • expose the phone to additional damage (such as water infiltration)

  • make reading harder, putting an unnecessary strain on the eyes

  • can cut your fingers

  • don’t look professional

Why spend for a pricey fix when you could simply protect your phones against drops? Phone protection accessories will definitely end up paying for themselves in the short to medium runs. There’s no need to worry every time you take your mobile out of your pocket: give yourself some peace of mind with a handy phone case.

Do Phone Cases Work? 

If you are skeptical about the usefulness of a phone cover, this experiment might convince you otherwise. An iPhone X survived a 20 feet drop with some cases. Not bad, considering it broke after a pocket-height drop without a case! 

Now, no one intentionally drops their device from such heights, but unlucky slips do happen. You can prevent such irritating instances with a simple phone case. Better to be safe than sorry!

Tips for Choosing a Smartphone Case

Before buying a cover for your phone, take these few elements into account.

How robust is the phone case?

Different cases offer various levels of protection. What is your lifestyle? Do you work outside, are you always on the go, or do you enjoy extreme sports? If so, a thicker, tougher phone case is a smart choice. If this isn’t your case, then you don’t need the extra bulk and weight. There are many slim and lightweight options that work just fine.

Material and shock absorption

Some materials are better than others when it comes to absorbing shock. For instance, rubber and silicone are superior to plastic. The latter is more prone to conveying the impact instead of stopping it before it reaches your phone.

Don’t forget that raised “lips” (the sides of the cover) are a huge plus if your phone falls screen-side down.


Phone cases come in all styles and price ranges. Beware of cheap ones; more often than not, they are of poor quality. It is a safe bet to assume that a two-dollar cover rarely protects devices well. To make sure that you’re getting something that truly works, always read the reviews online. Other users will tell you a lot about the actual reliability of the product.

The look

Last but not least, find a case that is pleasing to your eyes. There are a ton of styles out there. Have a look at several:

  • finishes (clear, shiny, matte...)

  • designs (plain, dotted, abstract, marbled...)

  • colors (flashy, black and white, pastel tones…)

How to Make your Smartphone Case Even Better 

Phone loops and rings

Having a tight grip on your phone is an easy way to protect it against accidental slips. To ensure a solid grasp on it, you can attach a strap or ring holder to your case. 

Rings can create an awkward shape in your pockets and cause some discomfort when sitting. For a sleek hold on your mobile, try a Phone Loop. These thin straps attach to your phone case easily and come in many designs. They are minimalistic, practical, and stylish. Avoid unexpected drops and repair costs with this convenient and affordable item! Another option is their phone leash, which you can secure around your wrist like a bracelet.

Screen protectors

In addition to a phone case, a screen protector can further prevent damages. A well-fitted tampered glass screen is your ally against scratches, fingerprints, and dust. Look for one with a hardness rating of 9H, which is just thick enough that it does not interfere with the clarity and definition of the screen.


Tune-up boring-looking phone cases with some stickers. Apply them to your phone but also your laptop, water bottle, or mirror! Decorate your mobile with quotes, illustrations, flowers, stars, logos, and more!

Surprising Phone Cases

Life is too short for boring and bland: have a look at these creative and unusual phone cases!

Luxurious Phone Case

If you’re all about shiny things, this extravagant phone case can be yours for a mere $880,000! Made with 18K white gold and some 2200 tiny diamonds, this legitimate bling will make you feel fancy for sure. As a bonus, you can even wear it as a necklace... 

Pop, pop

phone loops pop bubbles case

Did you know there is scientific evidence behind the satisfaction one experiences when popping bubble wrap? It releases pressure, which sends feel-good chemicals in your brain. Bubble wrap enthusiasts should consider this phone case for their daily dose of satisfying popping sounds. 

Survival kit Phone Case

phone loops survivalist macgyver phone case

This all-in-one case is the definition of convenience. With no less than 26 features, it will come in handy in many situations. Now, you don’t just have a smartphone. You also have a bottle opener, a ruler, a phone stand, a can opener, a peeler, a screwdriver, wrenches… and more! And it also comes with credit card storage and high-shock resistance. MacGyver would approve.

Take Away

“Prevention is better than a cure” is a saying that can truly apply to our beloved mobiles. Phone accessories are inexpensive in comparison to the device they protect. You can save yourself a trip to the repair store and a few hundred dollars by purchasing a few practical phone protection products.

With the wide range of accessories available, you can get a few items for different occasions or moods. Picking the ones you like might seem hard with all these options, but remember that to take care of your phone even more effectively, preventing drops is the key!

A secure grip on your device, with affordable phone loops and straps for instance, goes a long way while adding personality to your setup.

We hope our highlights and tips will help you choose a smartphone case and accessories in 2021!