The Top Five Must-Have Cell Phone Accessories

Phone accessories : phone loops, phone cases, screen protectors

Welcome to our guide on the top five cell phone accessories that you need in your life! With so many options, it can be hard to decide which ones are worth investing in. But don't worry - we've got you covered.

Whether you're a tech savvy person or you just want to max out your phone potential, there's no denying that having the right cell phone accessories can make all the difference to your device. From protecting it from drops and scratches to making sure you never run out of battery, these must-have cell phone accessories are essential for anyone with a smartphone.

Let’s have a look into the 2023 top five must-have cell phone accessories:

Get a Phone Case

Ok this one sounds obvious but let's start with the basics. Still a lot of people do not have phone cases, because of bulk, weight, or the fact that some cases do not fit with their charger. So, in that case are phone cases necessary?

If you have ever dropped your phone on the street, you know the answer is yes.
So, a good quality case will protect your device from drops and scratches and will also act as a shield by absorbing the impact of a fall, so you don't have to dread the moment when your phone slips out of your hand. And let’s be honest, when that happens, it’s like the whole world stops! Plus it will provide an extra layer of style with unique designs and materials. Whether you're looking for something slim, rugged, classic, a crossbody phone case, a silicone one or a leather phone case, you’ll surely get something you like.

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There’s also a variety of phone cases for Iphone and Android to ensure you get one that fits your style. And if you want to protect your phone and the planet, we have a mobile phone case made from wheat straw that is completely biodegradable and recyclable TPU. The phone case will start the degradation process once under the soil or in a commercial compost. So, you can be stylish and take care of the planet at the same time!

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And if you also want to use screen protectors, we’ve got a full range for you. Keep reading to know more about how screen protectors can help you accessorize and protect your phone.

Screen Protectors

This one is also an obvious accessory but often gets forgotten when shopping for phone accessories.

Screen protectors are a must-have cell phone accessory! They help to keep your device looking new and pristine. They act as a barrier between the glass surface of your cell phone and everyday wear-and-tear, such as dirt, dust, scratches, and even fingerprints. Think about it, if you have your phone and your keys in your pocket or in your bag at the same place, by having a screen protector you help protect your screen from your keys’ scratches.

By using a screen protector, you can extend the life of your device's display and ensure it looks its best for years to come. Screen protectors also offer varying degrees of protection from shocks or impacts if dropped. Depending on which type you choose, they may provide anti-UV/glare protection too! With all these great benefits in one simple item, it’s no wonder why adding a screen protector to your top 5 cell phone accessories is a great idea.

So, in brief, screen protectors:

  •   Prevent from finger marks, daily grind and dust
  •   Protect from UV damage
  •   Reduce Glare
  •   Preserve the quality of your screen

So, take care of your phone - get a screen protector today!

If you’re looking for a screen protector with high transparency that is responsive touch response, ideally phone case friendly. Get a look at our two screen protectors now.

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Phone Grips

How can you not mention phone straps? This handy tool helps keep your device secure when you're out and about - especially helpful if you have butter fingers! With nowadays fast and active lifestyles, we do everything in a hurry, even taking out your phone from your pocket…and unfortunately that means sometimes dropping your phone. Having a phone strap will ensure you never drop your phone again.

You can easily always keep your phone secure and within reach. Plus, they come in a variety of fun colors and styles, so it's easy to match the strap with whatever look you're going for and show off your personality!

 They're also very affordable and can be reused time and time again, making them an excellent value. It also doubles as a stand to prop up your phone while streaming videos or taking selfies with friends.

So, if you want an easy way to make sure that your phone is always close by without having to worry about dropping it, then investing in a quality phone strap is worth it.

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A Fast-Charging Gear (cable or wireless)

Fast-charging gear is another must-have accessory. Whether you opt for a cable or wireless charger, having one in your arsenal ensures that your battery never runs low when you need it the most.

Imagine, you have an important call, but you’re stuck in traffic, or you have a zoom meeting and you are coming back home later than expected. The portable charger will save you from time to time! And what if it’s late at night, you’re on your way home after a party and you need to call a taxi, your partner, or a family member? Let’s say you better not to worry about your battery dying! So, plan ahead and buy a portable charger

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Phone Slings, Leashes and Lanyards

 Last but certainly not least is a sling, leash, or lanyard. It is especially helpful when you need your phone on the go but don't want it to be in your pocket and don’t look for it for hours in your bag. It's also great for keeping your phone close and secure while walking or hiking and keeping your hands free!

The leash and lanyard extra? You keep your phone secure by ensuring it doesn’t drop! With a leash securely attached to your neck, you keep an eye on your phone, and you make sure it doesn’t get scratched from other accessories.

Finally, a lanyard or a leash is also an excellent way to show off your unique style and taste. Phone leashes come in a wide variety of colors, and designs so you can choose the one that best expresses who you are.


So, there you have it - our top five must-have cell phone accessories if you're looking to get the most out of your mobile device! Now you can start shopping for the perfect accessories for your needs. Happy shopping! :)

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