Ninja Loops
— General —
What are Phone Loops?
The Loops are one size fits all robust straps compatible with most smartphones and their cases. They provide a secure grip that helps avoid costly phone drops. They are offered in two variations: the Ninja Loop and the Petite Loop.
Is it compatible with my phone and case?
Our Loops are designed to seamlessly fit most devices and their cases: Samsung, Apple, LG, Sony, Nokia, Blackberry, HTC, Motorola and ZTE, among others. However the Loops are not generally compatible with waterproof and saggy cases.
Can I reuse the Loop on another case?
Generally speaking, yes, but we cannot guarantee it. If the Loop you want to reuse has been on another phone for a long time, you might need to purchase a new one.
How reliable is it?
We can say with confidence that our Loops are very reliable. Our latest laboratory tests have shown up to 55 lbs of pull resistance. Check out the strength test video which demonstrates the quality of the adhesive product used on our Loops!
— Shipping —
Each order is shipped within 72 hours.
Below are the shipping rates for 1-2 Loops.
$2.99 USD — 3-9 days
$3.99 USD — 1-3 weeks
$4.99 USD — 2-4 weeks
Phone Cases ship with tracking.
4 weeks delivery time.
— Petite Loop —
What is the Petite Loop like?
The Petite Loop secures your mobile around your wrist, similar to a ski pole. You can then handle your phone or let it loose with ease and confidence. It is also ideal to help you retrieve your device from your pockets.
How does Petite Loop work?
Simply stick the Petite Loop on the back of your smartphone, squeezing it in-between the device and its protective case. Let it hang loose through the power port opening. Adjust to your liking — The higher you stick it, the shorter the grip.
Setting up a Petite Loop
1. Peel off adhesive liner from Loop end.
2. Stick on phone or inside sturdy case.
3. Pass Loop through one case opening.
— Ninja Loop —
What is the Ninja Loop like?
The Ninja Loop allows you to easily operate your phone quickly and elegantly with one hand through a finger-supported strap installed along the back of your device. It’s ideal for photography, shooting videos and mobile gaming.
How does the Ninja Loop works?
Stick both ends of our product inside your protective case to create a “loop” around the case. Put one end of the strap through the camera opening at the top of the case, and the other end through the power port opening at the bottom of the case. Adjust the tightness to your liking!
Setting up a Ninja Loop
1. Stick inside a clean and sturdy case.
2. Pass the strap through case openings.
3. Adjust around one finger and stick.