The Top 12 Phone Accessories For 2022

The Top 12 Phone Accessories For 2022

Smartphones are a big part of our day-to-day lives. The era of the phone that could only make calls is long gone! However, no matter how many features modern devices might have, there is always room for progress… and they can still break in the blink of an eye! No wonder the industry for phone accessories is growing at such a fast pace.

With such a wide range of products to choose from, it isn't easy to make up one's mind. Let us guide you! See how you can upgrade your mobile and its functionality with these top 12 phone accessories you can buy in 2022.

The top accessories to own

Here is our Top 12 list of helpful items to make your mobile experience even better… and boost your lifestyle!

12 - Tripod

Get a stable view with a tripod - no more shaky videos! This accessory will give you the best results for long exposures and stop-motion captures. It’s perfect to capture incredible landscape pictures. You can get a small bag and a lightweight tripod that’s easy to throw in it. We personally have our eyes on the Joby's Guerrilla Pod Action Kit for its versatile and compact design. 

11 - Camera Lens Attachments

Most smartphones come with great cameras, but you can still take your photography to the next level with a camera lens add-on. These compact lenses take up much less space than a real camera, for a fraction of the price. Want to feel like a professional photographer? Try a fish-eye lens or even a macro lens for outstanding results… and a unique Instagram feed! Our pick: Moment Tele 58 mm lens

10 - Waterproof Pouches

Some newer phones offer water resistance to varying degrees, but they are not entirely waterproof. Are you planning on heading out on some aquatic adventure? Take a waterproof pouch with you to capture the moment without running the risk of damaging your smartphone. You can wear these translucent bags like a necklace, so that you can use your hands freely. Enjoy capturing unforgettable memories with this nifty accessory. Syncwire Waterproof Phone Pouch is an overall the best choice!

9 - Phone Stands

Smartphones are getting bigger and bigger: large screens are indeed useful for watching videos such as movies, recipes, or how-to’s. Free your hands and enhance your viewing experience with a simple but practical phone stand that is perfect for watching something with friends, or making your phone stand on the kitchen counter while you are cooking. With it standing on your desk, you’ll be able to see the heads-ups from your notifications, without having to reach for your phone. Our top pick would be WAITIEE 3 in 1 Wireless Charger

8 - External Batteries

Having your device switch off right before your eyes is extremely frustrating, especially if you're out and about or traveling. Your phone can run out of battery when you need it the most, and charging outlets are not always available. To avoid having to worry about this stressful scenario, get yourself a portable charger, which you can bring with you anywhere. Pop it in your bag, and you're good to go! Don't forget to also bring charging cables or, even better, get a wireless charger for extra safety! 

7 - Screen Protectors

No matter how resistant and advanced they’re advertised, screens are still prone to breaking. Broken screens not only put unnecessary strain on the eyes, but they're also a health hazard! Avoid cutting your fingers and squinting your eyes to read by equipping your phone with a screen protector. Say goodbye to scratches, dust, and fingerprints with a well-fitted tempered glass screen. Pick one with a 9H hardness rating, which is the perfect thickness: it will offer excellent protection without diminishing the screen’s clarity and definition.

6 - Wireless Speakers

More recent smartphones offer fine sound quality in terms of output, but nothing beats a good Bluetooth speaker. Whether you're hanging out at the park, or listening to your playlist by the pool, a portable speaker is a huge ambience booster. and you can get a pretty decent one for less than a hundred dollars nowadays.

5 - Modular Phone Sling

Get the maximum from your mobile, through practical fashion. The Modular Phone Sling is a multifunctional phone accessory that you can wear around the neck, crossbody or as a shoulder strap. It goes perfectly with Phone Loops Silicone Phone Strap. The Sling makes it effortless to carry and access your smartphone at all times and hands free! Whether you're going for a walk the block or jumping from a plane, you can enjoy the moment without worrying about your mobiles’ safety.


4 - Phone Cases

We can’t talk about phone accessories without mentioning phone cases! A good cover protects against drops and shocks and helps you avoid expensive repairs. It also makes your phone instantly recognizable amongst others. Not only is it a way to showcase your character, but it also makes it harder to lose your device. There are so many options on the market, from thin and lightweight to extra tough. For more information on the matter, check out our tips and tricks on How to choose a smartphone case.


3 - Smartwatches

Smartwatches truly are a gem. Connected with your phone by Bluetooth, they allow you to manage your notifications and calls or dictate a text message with your voice. They can even assist you in your fitness routine with features like a heartbeat monitor or step counter. These gadgets are like mini-phones, sitting right on your wrist! Discover all the fun things you can do with a smartwatch here.

2 - Bluetooth Earphones

Wires are slowly becoming a thing of the past! With most recent phones having no headphone jacks, a reliable pair of wireless earphones is a smart investment. There are a ton of different options available, ranging from the budget-friendly to the more pricey. You can get subtle, easy-to-carry earpods or over-the-ear headphones, which are usually better at noise canceling. Listen to your favorite album or podcast anywhere, anytime, without awkward wire tangles!


1 - Phone Loops

Want to prevent dropping your phone but remain in style? Phone Loops are all you need. These minimalistic straps are slim and easy to attach to the back of your phone. Contrary to ring holders, which can create weird shapes in your pocket and be uncomfortable to sit on, these loops are a seamless add-on to your mobile setup. Talk about handy!

They come in numerous designs, patterns, and colors. You will definitely find something that fits your taste. Plus, by allowing a good grip, they upgrade your selfie game and prevent phone loss or theft.

With their ever-rising price tag, smartphones are no small expense, but an inexpensive strap can help you avoid a costly trip to the repair store. Get a solid hold on your device with a Phone Loop: no more accidental drops!

How to Choose the Right Accessory


When it comes to your phone, you should unquestionably invest in some protection accessories. They are pretty cheap in comparison to the device they protect. Prevention is better than cure; these can end up saving you a lot of money in the medium to long runs.

We highly recommend getting a Phone Loop, a phone case, and a tempered screen protector to start with. This way, you get some serious peace of mind!


Once you're set up with the necessities, you can choose extra add-ons to spend on, depending on what you like to do. Do you enjoy listening to music? Then earphones or a speaker could be of great use. Do you spend your free time taking many pictures? A tripod or camera lens could be fitting. Are you a sports enthusiast? Then why not get a smartwatch such as a FitBit? It’s up to you!

Price and Reviews

Phone accessories come in a wide range of prices. We usually tend to associate a low cost to inferior quality, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, you only pay for the branding!

Before buying something, taking the time to read the reviews is a smart step. You can find decently priced options that offer good performance. For instance, check out these best affordable Bluetooth earbuds.

In Conclusion

Phone accessories are a unique way to upgrade your phone's features, whether it’s related to protection, music, photography, or something else. Plus, they allow you to customize your device so that you can showcase your style and personality. We hope our list will help you pick the best items for your lifestyle! Check out our store for a vast choice of stylish and practical phone accessories to get the most out of your mobile lifestyle!