Top 10 Affordable Promotional Items for Brands in 2021

Top 10 Affordable Promotional Items for Brands in 2021

Small businesses have a lot of competition, and managing one is no effortless task. Staying relevant and promoting a brand may appear complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Powerful marketing for startups can be inexpensive and fuss-free with promotional giveaways. In this guide, we will show you the top 10 affordable promotional items for startups to boost your marketing efforts in 2021.

Why are swags effective for a brand?

There are many reasons why branded giveaways work. Here are the top four benefits of swags for startups:

  1. Engagement: personalized products are a simple way to break the ice and engage with potential customers;

  2. Greater longevity and exposure: one ad can pass in a matter of seconds. Free, useful, and fun goodies are an opportunity to promote your organization on a much longer-term;

  3. Cost-effective advertising: promotional items are a low-cost way to advertise with a significant impact;

  4. Instant brand awareness: seeing a brand regularly leads to brand recognition and loyalty.

A guide to selecting your branded item

Remember that you must choose what you are giving away wisely if you want your marketing strategy to work. Handing out free stuff is one thing, but picking your gift is vital. Ask yourself a few questions before making a definite choice.

Is it useful?

The most important thing to consider is your product’s usefulness. It should not end up collecting dust with some junk! The goal here is to give something that will be of regular use. This way, your name, colours and logo will be remembered.

Does it fit with my brand?

Your personalized object must be in line with your brand’s image and values. Think about your target audience: is your item relevant to them? One classic example is the keychain with an integrated bottle opener. While it might be a smooth move for a beer company, a sportswear business would want to opt for something else. Your branded swags should represent your business in an accurate and positive manner.

Does it stand out?

A custom-made gift that is original and fun is a massive benefit. Sure, pens, mugs, and T-shirts are easy choices and don’t require much creativity, but they don’t stand out, and people usually don’t use them much. On the other hand, beware of fads and gimmicks like fidget spinners - they are far from timeless.

Is it durable?

Your promotional gift must last: it should not break after a few uses. One of the most significant upsides of swags is the advertising’s longevity since the items get used for a long time. There is no point in giving away a cheap, flimsy goodie, only for it to end up in the trash shortly after. Plus, you don’t want people to associate your brand with inferior quality.

A few ideas for your branded giveaways 

Now that you are aware of the value of swags for a startup, it’s time to use this effective marketing strategy to boost your startup’s brand awareness. Here are the best inexpensive promotional items for small businesses in 2021.

10. Travel size skincare products

The cold temperatures of winter can be harsh on the skin. Snow may be fun, but dry hands and chapped lips are not. Hydrating skincare products are a must for many during the unforgiving winter months. Lip balm and hand cream are helpful and easy to carry in one’s coat pockets. It might be worth checking them out as swags for your brand!

9. Stress relief ball

Being health conscious applies not only to our bodies - our minds also need love! The importance of mental health in our general well-being is enormous. Stress relief balls are a quick way to reduce one’s stress load discreetly anywhere, anytime. They can be of great use during meetings, study sessions, or other moments that may bring up anxiety. These inexpensive promotional objects are fun to squeeze while helping people relax.

8. Hand sanitizer

Antibacterial gel has always been a handy item to have on you when you’re on the go, though it has never been more popular due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This tiny bottle can quickly clean one’s hands in countless situations. Ensure that the scent you pick is pleasing, but not overpowering.

7. Phone stands

This item is as simple as it is ergonomic. Watch a video hands-free and see your notifications with a phone stand on your desk.  You can even charge your phone while it is hanging there. There is no doubt that technology plays a massive role in our lives. Take advantage of it and put your brand in people’s workspaces with a branded phone stand.  

6. Reusable bags with a zipper

Everyone has heard of tote bags. There is a high chance you even own many.  Their lesser-known but convenient alternative is small reusable bags with zippers. They are much better for the environment than their disposable plastic counterparts. Lightweight and portable, they can serve as a snack bag, a makeup kit, or a pencil case.

5. Beanies

Our parents told us to cover our heads in the cold for a good reason. Who hasn’t lost or forgotten to put on some kind of hat only to get freezing ears? Beanies are a timeless winter essential to avoid this burden. Not only do they keep you warm, but they can also be of use on a bad hair day. You can put your logo on a small label on the beanie, or you could pick some with your company’s colors.

4. Plant with branded pot

Wanting to feel good at home has never been more relevant than in the past few months. Indoor plants add an instant boost of life to a dull room with little effort. Want your brand to make its way into people’s houses? A small, low-maintenance plant like a cactus or a spider plant in a cute pot with your logo on it is the way to go. Bonus points if you attach a paper with instructions on how to care for it.

3. Reusable water bottles

We keep hearing about the importance of drinking water. More and more people are mindful about consuming their eight glasses of H2O a day. However, single-use plastic bottles are a total disaster for Mother Nature. Hydrating oneself without polluting the earth is possible, thanks to reusable water bottles. People carry them everywhere and use them multiple times throughout the day. Every sip taken is a brand exposure opportunity, which is quite an advantage.

2. Sliding webcam covers

In recent years, concerns about online privacy have grown significantly. It has become common practice to put a cover over one’s computer camera to block unauthorized access to it. Most people use basic stuff like a simple piece of tape, which isn’t the most pleasing to the eye. Why not give your potential customer a chance to upgrade with a sleek sliding webcam cover? This handy item protects their privacy and exposes them to your brand every time they use their computer.

1. Phone Loops

Dropping your cell phone and shattering its screen is an infuriating experience. An involuntary slip can destroy your precious gadget in the blink of an eye. Therefore, a cell phone strap is an incredibly convenient promotional gift. Who wouldn’t like this added safety? 

Phone Loops has you covered for your phone protection needs. This business specializes in phone straps and leashes of all kinds, so you get a good grip on your mobile. Their handy little accessories ensure that your phone stays firmly in your hand.

These Loops are extra practical, as they can be used in a variety of scenarios. Get a safe grip on your phone while you're recording videos, jogging, or playing games. No more unfortunate drops!

This marketing strategy is a definite bang for your buck. Most folks use their phone about a hundred times a day; they're like the extension of one's self! Putting your brand on the back of people’s phones guarantees exposure on a more than regular basis.

Phone Loops is an established brand with substantial experience in making promotional items. Microsoft, Netflix, and Disney are just a few of their past collaborators. They have also been featured on Dragon’s Den.

You can design your Loop with your logo and the colors you like to get a custom-made branded product. These unique straps will give your business affordable long-term exposure. With so many designs available, you can make your personalized strap. Talk about low cost, high efficiency!


Take away

Promotional products are a proven way to engage with customers and boost your brand. When done right, they offer vast potential for inexpensive, long-lasting advertising.

Don’t forget to determine what type of product you want to give away. Your goodie should represent your business while being convenient and enjoyable. Take the time to select an item that lasts and is relevant to your target audience. Randomly choosing whatever's cheapest won't pay in the long run.

The most important aspect to remember is that you must provide something practical. Consider elements that can be of welcomed help in our daily lives

Which of these affordable swags for startups resonated with you? See for yourself the benefits of promotional objects for small businesses. Take action and start planning your branded giveaways for 2021 now!