PHONE LOOP is a universal wrist strap that provides a secure yet relaxed grip to avoid unfortunate and expensive phone drops. Enjoy a safe and intuitive one-handed solution for your smartphone. Compatible with wireless charging technologies.

Phone Loops are made from soft, non-elastic fabric and reliable 3M Innovation adhesives that can be easily removed without damage. Sticks inside any phone case.

*Requires smartphone with a case. Avoid waterproof, flimsy, dirty or saggy cases. Product may vary from image. Not for online reselling.


Seamlessly fits any
smartphone case*

Allows an ergonomic
and relaxed grip

Lays flat and adds no
bulkiness (0.02in / 0.6mm)

Reliable 3M adhesive
that leaves no trace

Get a Better Grip on Your Phone
Your smartphone is a mobile office, a camera, a messaging and networking device that holds important memories and sensitive information. The average mobile users handle their device at least 100 times per day… Protect it today!
It simply works.
« Love this Phone Loop! I’ve purchased about 10 of these in the past year and provided for family members as well as my iPhone and iPad. My iPhone is black – now I can easily find and retrieve it from the dark bottom of a handbag or tote, and my large iPad is easier to pick up. I have removed one and replaced for a color change - no sticky residue from the first after more than a year of use. Have never had one pull loose, even for my 11 year old grandkids who also use them. Really such a simple idea that works really well! »

— Monica S., USA
Meet the one that kickstarted it all
In 2014, after months of thinking, tinkering and testing, we embarked on the adventure of a lifetime by turning to Kickstarter to crowdfund our first batch of Phone Leash.
Safety in Style
Loop is more than an innovative mobile accessory, it will forever change the way you handle your smartphone. Find out how the magic happens below...
Built to Last
Our high quality fabrics and stainless adhesives developed in partnership with world-leading 3M ensure our Loops’ reliability. Our laboratory tests show up to 55 pounds of pull resistance!
Universal Design
Our Loops are made to fit with all smartphone cases. Thanks to our minimal design, Loop is the only unobtrusive solution for an intuitive grip on any smartphone.
Money Matters.
Your smartphone is an indispensable extension of yourself that needs to be protected. A few bucks spent on a Loop can prevent $500 repairs and priceless data loss.
Loop Me!

This is amazing! I was nervous at first, but these loops proved to be very strong and reliable.... How have I survived this long without a Petite Loop. Such a simple and clever gear!

— Rogan J., Canada
Adds a level of security

My loop lets me think more about what I'm photographing and less about dropping my expensive phone. And when I'm not using my Loop it stays out of my way because it's so light and minimal. It's perfect.

— Howard D., Germany
Great for walking dogs

I'm always multitasking when walking my two dogs – dropped my phone recently and broke the screen. Now when I walk the dogs, I keep the petite loop around my wrist and it's great.

— Thomas B., USA
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