Minou Phone Leash

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A wrist strap that fits any phone case!

A universal wrist strap that provides a secure yet relaxed grip to avoid unfortunate and expensive phone drops. Enjoy a safe and intuitive one-handed solution for your smartphone. Compatible with any phone case and wireless charging technologies.

Made from soft, non-elastic fabric and reliable 3M Innovation adhesives that can be easily removed without damage. Sticks inside any phone case.

*Install on a clean and sturdy phone case. Avoid using with flimsy, dirty or saggy cases. **Products and colours may differ from images.

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Money Matters

A few bucks spent with us can prevent hundreds of dollars in phone repairs and priceless data loss.

I've used one literally for years;

it's one of my favorite products!

Rick Broida,

Not sure how I've managed without it before but I can't see me going without it ever again.

Lara L.