KEKO Table Stand - Universal Stand for digital tablets and e-readers

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KEKO Tablet is a stand for digital tablets and e-readers offering a simple and effective solution for living better with the technology.

The Keko stand will allow you at any time and in any place an adequate position for optimum comfort. Using a mobile device often leads to physical pain caused by poor posture. Constantly looking down puts a lot of strain on the cervical vertebraes.

Keko is a stand offering 2 ergonomic angles, in portrait or landscape mode. It is stable, light, ultra resistant, portable, foldable, and is compatible with all models of tablets, and e-readers. Its non-slip rubber surfaces provide stability and protect the tablet from any scratches. Keko is compatible with all protective cases.

Keko passes all security checks and is accessible on airplanes, so you can consult your mobile device in comfort.

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A Gift for All

Give your loved ones peace of mind with a smooth and secure phone grip!

A Wise Investment

A few bucks spent with us can prevent hundreds of dollars in phone repairs and priceless data loss!

I've used one literally for years; it's one of my favorite products!

Rick Broida,

Not sure how I've managed without it before but I can't see me going without it ever again.

Lara L.